Is there a difference in 9 mm Self Defense Ammunition?

9 mm self defense ammunition

I choose the 9mm because of the great price on 9 mm self defense ammunition. When I first began to look into purchasing a self defense firearm, I found that ammunition price is a big concern. I chose a 9mm partly because 9 mm ammunition is cost effective and readily available. I compared many different pistols and spoke to many people before coming to my decision. Below are a few reasons I went with a 9mm.

1. A 9mm is great for almost anyone.
2. 9 mm self defense ammunition is fairly priced..
4. 9 mm self defense ammunition is readily available..
3. The recoil on a 9mm is less than that of a 40 or 45 caliber..
4. A 9mm has ample take down power when used with proper self defense ammunition..

If you are looking for great quality 9mm Lugar ammunition for practice, I found that Walmart had the best price I could find online and offline (for high quality ammo). At the time of this writing a box of 100 Winchester "white box" full metal jacket loads were running just under $20. This is my choice for target practice. I have found over the past few years that all ammunition has been steadily increasing. The increase in price is making it less and less practical to go out and shoot at the local range. I usually go through a box of ammo in about an hour and shoot once a week at a cost of about $20.

When choosing 9 mm self defence ammunition I always choose a high quality ammunition. Because I have become accustom to the Winchester (practice) ammunition I also choose their ammo for self defense purposes. I personally like the Winchester Silvertip Super-X Hollow Point 115 grain (1225 fps), but it is not available at our local Walmart and runs $30 - $40 for a box of 50. To find out if a particular 9mm ammunition will work well in your firearm, shoot 100 - 300 rounds. If you get jams, you may want to consider an alternative round. There is lower priced 9mm self defense ammunition available if you are on a budget.

Many times you will find that opinions vary from one person to another when dealing with what is the best firearm and the best ammo. It is always best to get out and get a feel for different firearms at local retailers before making a purchase. Once you find a good firearm, try out a variety of different brands of ammo and find out for yourself which works best with your firearm. If you do a Google search for "best ______ ammunition" and fill in your make and model in the blank. You will find resources online where people provide their opinion and experience using the same firearm as yours (for most firearms). Remember, the best way to find out what works for you is to go out and give some a try!

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