TSA Approved Luggage Locks

TSA approved luggage locks

TSA Approved Luggage Locks allow you to secure your luggage wihout the risk of having you locks damaged by the TSA. The TSA (transportation security administration) is responsible for inspecting luggage that is entering a plane. In some cases the TSA needs to open a piece of luggage that is locked. If your luggage is locked and you don't have a TSA luggage lock, the TSA will simply cut your lock and render your luggage totally unsecure for the rest of it's trip.

With TSA approved luggage locks, the TSA has tools, combinations or keys that will open every TSA approved lock. This will prevent your lock from being cut and will allow your luggage to remain secure for the duration of your trip.

The TSA works with two companies who produce TSA luggage locks. Safe Skies Luggage Locks holds a US patent and Travel Sentry both produce TSA luggage lock systems.

Safe Skies TSA Approved Luggage Locks Safe Skies Luggage Locks
Safe Skies TSA Luggage Locks utilize a torch symbol as their logo. When you see the torch logo on a luggage lock, you know it is TSA approved and will not likely be cut by TSA agents. Safe Skies Luggage Locks manufacturers several different types of luggage locks including standard TSA luggage locks, TSA padlocks, TSA luggage straps, TSA cable locks and even TSA locks that have serial numbers and helps your luggage be found when lost. Some of the TSA luggage locks even tell you if your luggage was inspected by the TSA by a little window that turns red when opened by the TSA.

Travel Sentry TSA Approved Luggage Locks Travel Sentry
Travel Sentry TSA Luggage Locks utilize a red diamond symbol as their logo. When you see the red diamond on a luggage lock, you know it is TSA approved and will not likely be cut by TSA Agents. Travel Sentry TSA locks manufacture a variety of different types of TSA locks including standard TSA luggage locks, TSA cable locks, TSA strap locks, TSA padlocks and they even make several types of locks that are already integrated into luggage including both hard and soft luggage. Some of the Travel Sentry TSA locks have a window that changes to red when the lock was opened by the TSA.

Why lock your luggage?
There are dishonest people out there who have access to your luggage from the time you leave it at the airport until you arrive at your final destination. These employees may handle your luggage roughly, open you luggage to see what is good inside or even drop or leave your luggage behind. In all cases it is best to have a lock on your luggage to help keep your luggage closed and the contents safe. With a TSA approved luggage lock you can feel safe that your luggage will arrive with the same contents it had when it was dropped off. Spend a few extra bucks and purchase a TSA approved luggage lock for your next trip.

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