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Here you can find out more about me and my history in security and self defense.

Back in 2000 I began my security career at a large locksmith in Central Pennsylvania. I worked hard and became a Certified Registered Locksmith, but my true love was working on and cracking safes.

Soon I became the premier safe technician in Central Pennsylvania. I worked my way from a Certified Registered Safe Technician to a Journeyman Safecracker. I took my final tests and passed to become one of the areas only Certified Master Safecrackers.

In 2006 I opened my own business as a subcontractor for locksmiths and safe companies. If they had a safe they could not open or repair, they called me in. What great fun!

In my free time between jobs I began to sell safes on eBay. I found that although this was not my true love, it was taking up much of my time. I soon decided it was time to stop servicing and opening safes to spend more time developing my web business. My companies sales soon were topping a half million a year.

In late 2007 I began selling surveillance systems, hidden cameras, pepper spray, TASERS and nearly any other security product you can think of. I attended many product training classes on products such as TASERS and pepper spray.

In late 2007 I opened a new company called Stun Factory Stun Guns. Two of the models I sold were the most advanced and quality stun guns available at that time. I sold Stun Factory toward the end of 2008.

The summer of 2009 I opened my retail store selling nothing but security products. I did well, but had a baby the same year and decided it was time to sell the business and have more time with my family.

During the fall of 2010 I returned to my previous position (that I do love) at a local security company. I enjoy my days working in a variety of fields including locksmithing, safecracking, alarm installation, video surveillance installation. I soon became the lead video surveillance technician and was in charge of all video installations.

Late in 2012 I was asked to help out as a residential security consultant/salesman. I worked at this for about a year before getting into commercial proposals.

In 2014 I was placed in charge of commercial security sales and became the sales manager for the company.

Since 2014 I have designed security systems for casinos, medical marijuana grow facilities, weapons manufacturers, the state police, artillery storage facilities and many other high security government and commercial facilities. I enjoy a challenging security situation and the process of developing plans to best secure each location.

With the free time I have, I share what I have learned over the years with others by building this website, growing bonsai, spending time with my children and real estate investing.

I hope some of the information provided on this site is of use to someone and I will be more and thrilled if it someday saves just one person from harm.

Thanks for visiting, I appreciate you taking the time to find out more about me and my website.


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