Alarming Midnight Event

by Matt
(Anderson, SC)

Okay, so it's almost midnight and I'm watching TV with my Mom while back home from college. All of a sudden, my outside dog starts barking which drives my inside dog nuts. So, I walk outside onto the front porch (without turning the porch light on) with leashed inside dog in one hand and spotlight in the other. I sweep the front yard with the spotlight, don't see anything, then let my dog off of the leash. My two dogs and I circle the yard, and all I see are deer off in the tree line. I think that the deer were the cause of the barking and don't think anything else of it. All of a sudden my dogs go barking towards the front gate (yard is fenced and gated, with a street upfront and 50 acres behind of pasture and woods.). I shine the light and see a guy walking towards the gate with a bicycle. I ask him what he wants and he gives some story about having a falling out with his parents who live a good 20 min down the road and is now trying to get to his friends house but is lost. He asks for a water or something, but I refuse and inform him hat he needs to move on down the road towards the fire department where he might have more luck. All the while I let my dogs continue barking to keep him back. After he hops on his bike and heads down the road we call the sheriff's department and inform them of what happened. As a side note, there is a history of gas/lawn mower/equipment theft in my area. I couldn't tell if he was armed, and I had gone outside without a phone or my pocket pistol. I feel like I could have handled this situation in a better manner, but I don't have a lot of experience in doing so. Any thoughts on ways to improve and what could've been done differently?

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Aug 24, 2015
Motion Activated Lights
by: Andrew

As I am not law enforcement, I do not know the best way to handle people in such a situation. I am a professional security consultant and not trained or experienced in handling confrontational interaction. Perhaps other visitors may have some useful suggestions.

From a security standpoint, I would suggest motion activated lights. While motion lights do not deter everyone, they are fairly effective in deterring a large percentage of people that are places they should not be.

The motion light will also notify you and your dogs that someone may be in the area. You can now purchase solar motion lights that don't even require an electrician, just a few screws.

All that being said, I don't know if I would have handled things much differently. I likely would have offered to call the police as I am sure they could help him find his way.

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