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The best locks on the planet including the best door locks for homes and businesses security.

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If you are looking for a great lock to secure your home or business, you are in the right place. There are many different types of locks and it is always best to buy the highest qiality and highest security your budget will allow.

The best door lock could be one of many things. If you are looking for an affordable lock that is above standard, it will not be the best door lock. To purchase the best locks for doors you will be spending big bucks to get high quality solid brass hardware. If you are looking for security and think the best locks are them most secure locks, then you should visit our high security door locks page.

Below is a list of locks, some are great and some not so great. If price is a factor, you can get an OK lock for a low price. If price is not a factor and you are looking for quality, lucky you.

We have separated this page into several categories, click on the one that meets your needs best and you will be taken to the correct part of this page dealing with the best lock solution for you.

Best Home Door Locks

Best Commercial Door Locks

High Security Door Locks

Keyless Entry Locks

Travel Locks

Best Home Door Locks

Kwikset Lock

Kwikset Door Locks
Kwikset door locks are among the most common locks in america and probably many other places in the world. Kwikset is a mass produced lock that can be had for a fraction the cost of most other locks. I personally would not place a Kwikset lock on my door, but there are many out there and they are an affordable solution to secure a door.

Brinks Lock

Brinks Locks
Brinks door locks are generally fairly low in price and a "value" lock. They are of general poor quality and sometimes even cheaper than Kwikset. Brinks locks are not as common as kwikset or schlage, but they can be purchased in some home improvement stores and online.

Schlage Plymouth Door Lock

Schlage Door Locks
Schlage door locks are the brand I first placed on my home. The locks are in general a little more expensive that Kwikset, but in my opinion they are of higher quality and more dependable. Schlage locks are very popular in the USA and can be found on a great number of doors.

Baldwin Door Locks

Baldwin Door Locks
Baldwin door locks are among the best locks you can purchase for your home. These locks are usually made from solid brass and are just plain beautiful. In recent years they were bought out by Black & Decker, but the quality has not changed significantly. Baldwin is still a great lock of high quality.

Medeco Locks

Medeco Locks
Medeco locks are one of the best available for residential use. Medeco locks are high security and near impossible to pick, bump or open without the right key. Many locksmiths would have problems getting past a Medeco lock properly installed. These locks are of the best quality and highest security locks in the world.

Commercial Door Locks

Best Lock Company

Best Lock Company
Best is a big name in commercial locks. They have many products, one of their most popular is their interchangable cores. Best also has some nice electronic access locks and other hardware to secure commercial locations.

Find out more about Sargent Locks

Sargent Locks
Sargent locks are very good quality. Sargent is most famous for their high quality mortise locks, but they also sell standard locksets and other commercial door hardware.

Simplex Locks
Simplex locks are all a keyless entry type lock. You will find it below in that section also. Simplex are commercial quality locks that do not require keys to open. A field programmable mechanical or digital combination unlocks the door. These are common in government building.

High Security Door Locks

Medeco High Security Locks
Medeco is one of the most popular high security lock brands on earth. These locks are very secure and provide the security needed in secure locations. Medeco locks are pick, bump and drill resistant. The keys can not be copied everywhere and by everyone when using the restricted keyway systems.

ASSA High Security Locks
ASSA locks are of great quality and very secure. The features are similar to all other high security locks as they are pick, bump and drill resistant. Restricted keyways make getting keys made easy only for the proper people.

ABLOY High Security Locks
ABLOY locks are great quality and offer super security and restricted keys. When you see an ABLOY key, you know it as they are nearly round and unlike any other key you have seen. These cylinders are extremely pick, bump and drill resistant and are a great solution to your security needs.

Keyless Entry Locks

Simplex Locks
Simplex locks are a versitile keyless lock solution and they have many models to suite many types of doors and door hardware. These are likely the most common keyless locks used in commercial locations. Simplex locks are good quality and generally last a long time.

Unican Locks
Unican locks are simplex locks. Simplex and Unican are part of the same company. America generally refers to them as Simplex and Canada generally refers to them as Unican. Both are correct and they are great locks.

Digital Door Locks
Digital door locks are becoming more and more common and more and more reliable. I have installed digital door locks on my front and back door in my home and could not be happier. Digital door locks require a power source and are usually operated by a numeric combination.

Biometric Locks
Biometric locks use parts of the human body to open a door. Most available use fingerprints, but there are devices that use the retina (eye) and hand to unlock doors and locks. Biometric locks are now available for residential use, commercial use and even as locks on safes.

Travel Locks

TSA approved luggage locks

TSA Approved Luggage Locks
TSA luggage locks allow the TSA into your luggage without breaking your locks. These locks have been approved by the TSA and they have a master key that will open the lock without damage.

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