What is the Best Self Defense Pistol?

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Recently I found myself asking what is the best self defense pistol? I was looking for a dual purpose handgun to take to the range and shoot as a hobby and to use for self defense in the home and on my person. I spoke to many experts, reviewed many online resources and visited local gun dealers and handled many pistols to find the answer to this question.

Here are some things you may need to consider when choosing a firearm for your personal self defense.

1. Budget - how much can you spend on the handgun and on the bullets.
2. Use - do you want it just for at home or do you plan to carry the firearm on your person.
3. Personal Strength - is the caliber weapon you are considering "too much for you to handle".
4. Safety - do you require safety features to prevent accidental firing.
5. Feel - does the firearm "feel good" when you hold it.
6. Accuracy - This is a no brainer - you want accuracy.
7. Reliability - This is also a no brainer - you don't want your firearm to jam when you need it most.
8. Ease of use - is it simple to fire and clean?
9. Rounds - how many bullets can the gun hold?
10. Size - if you plan to carry the firearm then size will be very important.
11. Effectiveness - will it be enough to stop the danger.

I determined that a 9mm would be the best for me. A 9mm has reasonable priced ammo that is readily available. A 9mm with the proper 9 mm self defense ammunition will provide ample take down power to stop an aggressor. Most women and men find that a 9mm is not "too much" gun for them and can be handled easily.

I found that the best self defense pistol for me was the 9mm Springfield Armory XD9 Subcompact. This firearm had every feature I was looking for and was within my budget. When I placed the XD9 in my hand it felt great like it was meant to be there. I was pleased to find that it could hold 16 bullets in the extended clip and 10 in the standard clip. I was also looking for great safety especially because I was fairly new to handguns and didn't want to accidentally fire the gun. The XD9 has a grip safety and a trigger safety. The gun would be impossible to fire unless the grip safety is was seated and depressed by your hand in the proper position. The trigger safety would require you to depress the center of the trigger before you would be able to fire. The XD9 Subcompact is small and can easily be concealed. These features along with many others helped me make this choice.

When you are looking for the best self defense pistol for you, think about all the considerations above before making your pick. You will likely need to speak to people at local gun dealers and actually handle the firearms prior to purchasing. The person I dealt with was from Bass Pro Shop and he was very, very helpful. I was unsure about several things when I first purchased my firearm and needed some help. I asked them and they walked me through loading, how to fix a jam, assembly & dis-assembly, cleaning, the best ammo and they provided a few other tips for using and caring for the pistol.

Because I weighed all the options and took time to pick the best self defense pistol for me, I found the perfect firearm for my situation. It was in my budget, accurate, reliable, felt good, easy to use, effective and held a sufficient amount of rounds.

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