Collapsible baton legality in Michigan (MI).

by Ian
(Marquette, MI, USA)

Hello, I've been interested in a self-defense tool that is less lethal than a knife and the collapsible baton seemed to suit my needs. I would like to carry one on me ( I live in Upper Michigan)and I've read the Michigan laws regarding such but they are kind of vague...Could I be in trouble if found carrying a 16" collapsing baton on me? Isn't the difference between getting in trouble and staying safe Literally how the courts would interpret your intend of use?

In many states it can be vague and the intended use would be a factor, but in Michigan I would not risk carrying an expandable baton. There is no part in the way it is written that would likely get you out of trouble with the law. The law does not specifically state "collapsible batons", but it does include blackjack, billy, metallic knuckles, sand club, sand bag or bludgeon. A collapsible baton could be considered a bludgeon. If you think my opinion is wrong, I would highly suggest contacting the local police department, DA or an attorney to get a better answer.

The laws on Michigan Collapsible Batons can be found at

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