Double Hung Window Security 

Double hung window security requires several steps to help protect your home.  Windows are one of the most difficult areas of a home to protect due to the large glass content and light duty locks.

There are several different styles of double hung windows, but all of them have several major security vulnerabilities.  Using simple tools like a crowbar or screwdriver or even something as simple as a rock will provide easy work of breaking in through a double hung window.

The Glass

The Problem:
The first and most simple vulnerability in double hung window security or a sliding door is the glass.  The glass can be broken allowing someone to reach through and flip the lock to slide up the window.  The glass can also be broken and crawled through especially if the window or sliding door is made of tempered glass.

The Solution:
There are two ways to protect the glass.  The first is by installing a monitored alarm system with glass break sensors.  When the glass breaks, it sets of the alarm which warns you then contacts police to respond to the problem.  

The second way to protect the glass is with window security film.  If you have a lot of glass in your home, this can become fairly expensive.  There are companies that provide installation, but with a little practice you can likely do it yourself.  Window security film will not stop the window from breaking, but it will hold the glass together making it very difficult to gain access to the locking mechanism.  There are different thickness of this film, usually measured in millimetres.  I would stick with 7mm or more to provide adequate protection against intruders.

The Locks

The Problem:
When dealing with double hung window security, the lock is important.  The lock is much more difficult to secure than the glass.  Many people breaking into homes simply pry under the window with a crowbar.  When this is done the lock just breaks.  It doesn't matter if there are one locks or two, metal or plastic - THEY BREAK.

The Solution:
There are several ways to secure the window to help secure the lock.  The first and lowest cost solution is window pins.  Window pins are drilled through the inner window frame through to the outer window frame.  The idea is to attach the two frames together so prying proves fruitless.  Window pins can be as simple as double headed nails or you can purchase commercially produces window pins.

The second solution to this problem is a monitored alarm system.  A magnetic contact consisting of two pieces are applied to the top of the frame of the inner window.  A small magnet on the outer window works with a small transmitter on the outer frame of the window.  When the two pieces separate, they trigger the alarm.

The above solutions for double hung window security may not be the only solutions, but they are the best I have found over the years.  You can greatly increase the time it takes for a burglar or other perp to gains access to your home or other location by utilizing the above techniques.  I suggest implementing the mechanical security along with the alarm system to provide your home with significant obstacles and notification to keep you and your family safe.

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