Expandable Baton Connecticut

by Zac

I'm an active member of the police cadets, an organization for youth 13-21 that prepares them for being police officers, in this we work events that we do traffic, parking, and maintaining the peace, I was wondering if it would be possible to carry a 12" collapsible baton while working these events. We've had multiple occasions of routy drunk people where officers had needed to be called. I also have permission as long as I could find out about this from our adviser who is an officer. Thank you for the time in answering, hopefully I get good results.

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Aug 06, 2015

by: Andrew


I believe that you would not be able to carry the expandable batons in this situation, but it is a special circumstance. Because the expandable baton is listed as a deadly weapon it can kill and the liability on anyone who carries/uses one is huge. I would be very surprised if your adviser would approve the use of this device for people who are not employed by the stat/county/town/etc.

This is just my thoughts and I wish you luck in getting the results you desire.

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