Massachusetts Expandable Baton Laws

by Dan
(Los Angeles, CA USA)

The law you cite says "Blackjack" not baton and in the following case I've linked you will see that the court has made a ruling that establishes that expandable batons are not considered blackjacks, therefore not illegal with the commonwealth of Massachusetts. -

Thank You Dan for the information. I updated some of our information to reflect what you found.

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Feb 18, 2010
Great info Dan
by: Admin

Dan, you are 100% correct about a blackjack not being an expandable baton. One problem I have seen over and over again is citizens and police considering them the same thing. Many times state laws are not real clear and it can cause things to get a little iffy. The law in Pennsylvania is very similar to the law in Massachusetts as they specify many weapons similar to expandable batons, but they don't specify expandable batons. I have heard from many people across the nation that have been arrested for having a blackjack or other club type weapon when they actually carried an expandable baton. Many times it is legal to carry expandable batons, but not a good idea as it could cause you more hassle than it is worth. Being arrested and paying a lawyer to help get you off the hook can be a real pain. It seems much more simple to get a gun permit if your state allows - all police know the laws when it comes to firearms in their state.

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