Instructions on opening a Combination Safe

Opening a combination safe

Opening a combination safe is easy after you have done it a few times. Depending on what safe you have, there could be different instructions for your safe. Standard 3 wheel group II combination locks all open the same way. These group II locks are the most common available in homes and businesses.

Step #1
Turn the dial around counter-clockwise 4 or more times and stop on your first number.
Step #2
Turn the dial clockwise past your next number (2nd) 2 times stopping on the 3rd time around.
Step #3
Turn the dial counter-clockwise past your next numbrer (3rd) 1 time stopping on the 2nd.
Step #4
Turn the dial clockwise until the dial comes to a stop. This is usually between 90 and 0.

If this does not work, you may have a different type of combination lock. Cheaper fire safes usually have a different dialing sequence than the one listed above.

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