Police officer suggested to get a Baton or Pepper spray in New Jersey

by Mark G.
(Freehold, NJ)

I have been aggressively Intimidated by a neighbor 4 doors away from my Townhouse, who is 34 years old,6 ft 3in and I'm 64 years old and 5ft 6in. He has aggressively approached my wife 5ft 4in 43 years old, when she was walking our 2 small dogs, who felt My wife and I have no right allowing our dogs to urinate on a 5ft X 12in piece of grass in front of his apartment which of off the sidewalk.(is Common Land owned by all residents)

We have contacted the police, and since he hasn't touched any of us, the police told me to avoid his antics and walk our dogs on the far side of our parking court side walk.

I did this for approx 3 months, and finally decided to walk my dogs on the side walk along the front of my Townhouse, which passes this Jerks apartment. Everything was fine for a while, and now he's starting to Intimidate me when I walk my dogs at approx 11:45 pm to 12:15 past midnight, and now he is standing outside his front door trying to get a rise out of me. I called the police last night cause he starting Intimidating me outside his front door staring at me only on my return walk to my house.

The officer understands that this guy is a cook person, and suggested to completely IGNOR him, but get a Baton & or Pepper spray for when he attempts to approach you, take out the Baton, and if he touched you, whack him on the arm, leg or side of chest OR Spray the Pepper Spray, then immediately call the police and they would take it from there...

So, living in Freehold NJ, do I have a right to protect myself & wife late at night with these self defensive equipment. The police officer knows that this guy can be dangerous.

What do you think, is it legal due to avoiding him from coming near us when walking our dogs?

I appreciate you kind advice, this situation is very problematic, and since I've lived here for over 24 years, and he lives here only 3.5 years, I'm not about moving from this As--le at all.

I await your Feedback.

Regards the intimidated one,

Mark G.


Hi Mark,

You can view the laws on expandable batons at http://www.my-self-defense.com/new-jersey-expandable-baton-laws.html.

It looks to me that the law states that you can have one, but you need to have a lawful purpose to have it. I can not interpret the law, but that law seems like it could go either way. Is striking someone with an expandable baton legal? I would think so only if used in self defence.

I am not a lawyer and am not providing legal advice. I do highly suggest getting legal advice on this issue as you need to know what is a lawful purpose. An expandable baton used incorrectly can kill a person with one blow.

I think pepper spray is very useful and several of my family members carry it for self defense. If interested in purchaseing pepper spray, take a look at http://www.my-self-defense.com/picking-pepper-spray.html.


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