Protection For Felons

by J.
(Port Huron MI.)

People who have never broken a law and criminals both carry knives and guns and just about whatever they want. As a felon I cannot carry such items on my person and it is unclear to me what I can and cannot use to defend myself whether in my home or outside of it.

I live in a not so good neighborhood with a lot of criminal activity. Short of locking myself in my home and praying that no-one comes in (sometimes they do), what can I do? I have spoken with a number of individuals who feel the same way. We do not want to break the law to ensure our own safety. I have done my time and turned my life around and I am a ton more stable than people I know who do legally own guns.

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May 08, 2017
protection for relons NEW
by: Anonymous

how disgusting that cops can shoot persons and not even wound only and we are not allowed to protect our selves. They can kill their own canines and still keep their jobs. They can lie and get away with it, and if we lie we can be charged. They lie and send innocent people to jail. There are no levels of charges in some states. And we criticize other counytries for disobedience of civil rights.uuuuuuuuuuuuughhhhhhhhhhhhh

Dec 07, 2014
Self Defense and Protection For Felons and Reformed Felons
by: Andrew

Hi J.,

Depending on the situation, amount of time and state it is possible to have your rights restored even if a reformed felon. Look into petitioning the Federal Court and the process involved.

If this is not possible I only have a few suggestions.

1. Take self defense classes. A highly trained individual in self defense can disarm nearly any attacker. It may take a few years to become proficient, but it may be your best course of action.

2. Purchase a proper protection K-9. When a protection K-9 is professionally trained they can be a very effective form of protection and a companion as well.

3. You should be able to carry pepper spray which will provide enough protection in most cases to at least get away from a dangerous situation. You may be limited in the maximum size you may carry.
MI Laws: As of December 2010, you may use pepper spray products up to 10% OC. Canister size restricted to (35grams approx. 1.2oz).

I would look into possibly a bear spray to protect you in your home from "bears".

4. Have a security system installed with audible wireless panic buttons. Be sure to shop security companies as some are expensive upfront and low cost monthly, others are low cost up front and expensive monthly. If your goal is to protect yourself and not your home, be sure to have every window contacted and every door that are accessible from the ground, roofs, trees or a deck. Glass break detectors are great for any large glass door or window.

5. Install deadbolts on your doors. Be sure they have at least a 1" throw into the door frame. You can likely install them yourself utilizing the install kits most hardware stores carry. Don't purchase the re-keyable type as they utilize many parts and are less reliable than traditional locks.

I am not providing legal advice, please consult an attorney prior to doing anything that is questionable or possibly illegal in your state.

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