Rhode Island

by Morgan

I was assaulted 3 times in 7 months by multiple people all three times. I bought a baton for self defense to defend myself. To make a long story short, a sheriff ended up searching my bag for no reason. I ended up getting arrested for weapons charges (possessing a weapon other than a firearm) which is a misdemeanor. The sheriff didn't care or want to hear my side of the story. I was charged and sentenced to 1 year probation, 1 year suspended sentence.

This charge was not a huge charge but i'm pissed its even on my record. In my eyes it was a weapon for self defense purposes. I had no intentions of using it in an offensive manner and I never threatened anyone with it. I could not find any baton laws, but I was still charged.


Hi Morgan,
Please find the law regarding expandable batons in Rhode Island at the following URL:

- Admin

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