Self Defense Legal Question - Fighting Incident

by Justin

Lets say you hit someone in the arm. In retaliation they took a book and hit you full force in the face, breaking your tooth. You backed out of the "fight" right away with a bloody tooth. Does the person that got their arm hit have a right to self defense? Is it a mutual wash-over? Would the attacker win because of unnecessary force with a blunt weapon (book)?

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Dec 10, 2011
Fighting Self Defense Question.
by: Admin

I am not a lawyer or judge so I can not answer this question for you. Hopefully a visitor with the proper qualifications can chime in.

In my opinion the person who used the book would be doing so in self defense. A punch in the arm can be as minor as someone saying "what's up" to a buddy or it can be intended to cause bodily harm.

If the punch was intended to start a fight and cause bodily harm then I see no reason why being hit with the book would not be self defense.

In this type of situation it is likely that both parties will be charged by the police.

This is ONLY my opinion and is NOT legal advice.

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