Self Defense Props for Teenagers under the age of 16

I know that in my state (California), tazers or pepper spray may only be used by teenagers older than 16 years with their parents permission. But what about children under the age of 16. Their karate kicks are not yet effective enough, yet they are statistically the most vulnerable victims. Is all they are allowed to use a personal alarm?

Any suggestions on what to teach kids to use as props?
Am I allowed to teach them to use pens, hair spray, brooms, chairs etc. what they can get their hands on to use in self defense? I would highly appreciate your input. Also what are the legal consequences on teaching kids self defense. How do I protect myself from legal consequences and what are good resources and literature about this topic?

In my opinion a good kids self defense instructor can teach children as young as 6 or 7 how to effectively execute defensive measures against someone many times their age. There are many very effective areas on the human body that do not need to be hit hard to take down an attacker. I have been to many karate tournaments with children that would take down nearly all adults.

I would not have a problem teaching my own children to do whatever is necessary to protect their life. When it comes to defending their life, playing dirty is perfectly acceptable. One thing you must take into consideration is the maturity of the child. Some children can handle such knowledge and others likely can not. Are your children old enough to know when their life is truly in danger or could they make a mistake and kill someone by sticking a pen through their eye whom was only playing around.

Regarding the legal consequences, I would need to refer you to an attorney or your local police station. These two resources are the only place I would go with questions regard legal matters such as this.

Teaching a child to avoid bad situations and places is a great place to start. If your lucky, your child was also blessed with common sense which goes a long way.

That being said, you can see a little more regarding youth self defense at our youth self defense page -

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