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This page is devoted to visitors of our site and provides a place to get answers to your self defense questions. Questions not able to be answered by the admin can be answered by other users to this site. If you have legal question it is suggested you consult an attorney.

Please choose from one of the self defense question categories below to ask your question. Other security questions can be asked by visiting our security question page.

Physical Self Defense Questions (Karate & other techniques)

Pepper Spray Self Defense Questions

Tasers & Stun Guns Self Defense Questions

Guns & Knife Self Defense Questions

Expandable Batons, Saps, Blackjacks & Other Bludgeon Self Defense Questions

Other Self Defense Questions

Please note: None of the answers provided on this site should be considered legal advice. The questions and answers are just suggestions provided by readers of the site and not all answers will be the best answer for your situation. Please consider the legality of answers and the possibility that answers that are legal in one location could be illegal in another. Consult an attorney prior to engaging in any possibly illegal activity.

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