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What can self defense videos do for you?

Imagine this...its 1:17AM, the end of a 19-hour marathon day with your boss. Walking to your car is a blur as your only thought is getting home. Fumbling with the keys in that darkened lot, you’re startled by the searing pain of a gun barrel jabbed in your ribs. "Gimme your wallet and don’t turn around!" he snarls. What you do NOW...in the NEXT 5 SECONDS... determines whether you put this thug down or he takes your wallet, your car, and perhaps...even your life!

Unlike the movies, criminal violence often ends in seconds. There’s no time to search the rag-tag collection of techniques inside your brain for the answer. The solution: mastering a PRINCIPLES-based program that works across all types of violence regardless of your experience or your age, size, speed, strength, sex or athletic ability. self defense videos can be a great way to learn techniques to defend yourself when the time comes to do so. Some of these videos will teach you techniques related to specific martial arts yet others will just give you the direction to defend yourself.

Ther are many types of videos out there to learn self defense including those targeted for women. These videos offer some more targeted moves that work well for women who many times have less strength than a man. These videos are made to keep women safe.

Kids defense videos will guide your children to the correct way to defend themselves from bullies or even a possible kidnapper. If you can not afford to or don't have the time to place your children in self defense classes, these may be a great alternative that will give your children that extra advantage if they ever need.

Whatever the situation, there is a video to help protect you and your family from the dangers of the world.

Take a look at some of the great advice Sensei Anthony Britton provides for free in the below videos!

***DISCLAIMER: Sensei Anthony Britton demonstrates how to release different grabs. IMPORTANT: Please use extreme caution when practicing these moves. Remember that with the right amount of force, you can severely hurt somebody. These techniques are to be used for self-defense purposes only. All self-defense moves and tips are to be used at the risk of the user.

Essential Self-Defense Tips: Front Hair Grab Release - Funny bloopers R us

Essential Self-Defense Tips: Choke Hold + Wrist Grabs Combo Rele - The best bloopers are a click away

Essential Self-Defense Tips: Waist Grab Release -

Self Defence: Weapon Disarm - The top video clips of the week are here

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