Self defense with a baton

by Paul
(Trenton, NJ)

Hi my name is Paul I live in New Jersey. It seems that Billy's(batons) are prohibited in my state. I have had a baton for about three years and never brought it out of the house worrying that I might be prosecuted. I was worried even if I use it in self defense. If I were to keep it hidden on my side until needed, will the court still find me guilty? (in the case where the baton would be used in my self defense)

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Nov 19, 2015
expandable baton concealed -vs- Open Carry Hawaii
by: Anonymous

Hi, I live in Hawaii and understand that a concealed expandable baton carried on your person or in a vehicle is prohibited. If the same expandable baton is carried "openly" to protect myself or my dog (while walking the dog), would that be considered illegal?

Would like to know

Thank you



I suggest for further clarification you speak with an attorney or local police department. It may be legal to carry open, but I have no information to confirm this.

Aug 24, 2015
New Jersey Baton Laws
by: Andrew

Hi Paul,

I am not an attorney and can not provide legal advice.

That being said, I highly suggest you contact an attorney if you plan to carry a baton in the State of New Jersey. I think it is a bad idea and you will likely end up getting yourself in trouble if it is found on you or if you do need to use it.

The expandable baton, baton, bludgeon law found at basically says that if it is found in your possession, you are guilty of a crime in the fourth degree. This is not good.

I hope this helps!

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