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What strength would you need to make a pit bull release it's hold on another dog?

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Feb 01, 2015
Tasers on Dogs (Pit Bulls)
by: Andrew


Tasers only come in one voltage power "strength". Tasers are 50,000 volts, regardless of which model you utilize.

Police Tasers only tase for a short period of time (i believe 5 seconds). The consumer Tasers stun for 30 seconds continuously.

I believe you are asking about stun guns. Here is the difference.

A Taser shoots two probes that stick in a person or their cloths from up to 15 feet away. The Taser will produce 50,000 volts which is usually effective primarily because of the spread of the two probes which effects more of the body than a stun gun.

A stun gun does not shoot anything and you must make contact (or very close to contact) in order for it to work. A sun gun comes in many voltage options up to millions of volts. In my opinion many of the super high voltage options for stun guns is exaggerated.

It is not a matter of which voltage will make a pit bull let go, it is a matter of how long it will take the pit bull to let go. The higher the voltage the more effective the stun gun will be and the faster it will work.

A high power stun gun should only take a few seconds to make a pit bull let go, but I have never found a study on stun guns and its effects on pit bulls.

I would caution you on using a stun gun on a pit bull. My largest fear would be the dog letting to of the other dog and latching onto you. My self defense preference would be a Taser for any sort of protection as it keeps distance between you and the person or dog.

Please contact an attorney to find out if using a stun gun, Taser or any other weapon on a dog could cause you legal issues. Use outside of self defense on a person will likely result in Felony charges.


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