The Judge - Best Self Defense Pistol

by Gary Roller
(Perryville K.Y.)

For me and my needs, I find that the judge is the best self defense pistol. Here is why.

1. Size matters - a gun that size alone may be enough to merely intimidate would be attackers.

2. Take down power - With ether 4.10 or 45 colt ammo, an attacker will not be able to take more then one well placed hit.

3. Ammo Price - ammo price is reasonable.

4. Well, it's just plain cool!

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Aug 26, 2015
The Judge - Best Self Defense Pistol
by: Pistol

Size matters a firearm that size alone may be sufficient to simply scare would be aggressors. Thank you so much for sharing these articles.

Jul 13, 2015
Great Article
by: Harry Alex

Brilliant analysis! Both informative and interesting. Very helpful for people like me who are also in the field of writing.

Feb 01, 2015
Yea, the Judge is a great self defense pistol.
by: Admin

I have met many people over the years that use the Judge as their self defense pistol of choice. I agree that the Judge is cool and the dual ammo aspect of the Judge is very useful.

Unfortunately the size is just too large for the average person to conceal carry on a regular basis. Most people I have run into that use the Judge either keep it at their home or in their vehicle as a backup to their much smaller concealed carry weapon.

Thanks for your input!

- Admin

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