Wireless Security Cameras For Home Video Surveillance

Wireless security cameras for home video surveillance are becoming more and more common throughout the world.  Gone are the days that cameras are only used in banks and casinos.  By purchasing quality wireless security cameras you can monitor your property with minimal installation knowledge.

Wireless security cameras have several advantages over wire security cameras and they have a few drawbacks.  The biggest advantage is ease of installation.  I also like that a wireless camera can be moved from location to location when needed.  

Wireless security cameras will still require power.  In most cases for the DIY installer it is best to situate the wireless camera within a few feet of an electrical outlet to provide the camera with power.  Normally when professionally installed the wire would be hidden in the wall or ceiling then run to an unfinished room in the home for power.

Wireless video surveillance cameras are generally less reliable than wire cameras.  The primary factor limiting these cameras is distance.  Wireless security cameras for home use generally have a range of 100 to 300 feet line of site.  This means with no interference the camera can work up to 100 or 300 feet.  In most residential applications there will be walls, wireless interference, electrical systems and even humidity and elevation that can limit the range of the wireless signal.  You will likely not get the range stated on the package with wireless cameras.

A wireless surveillance camera is generally significantly more expensive than it's wired counterpart.  I have seen wireless cameras going for double or more that of a similar wired camera.  If you can run wired cameras in your location it may save you big bucks.  

The more you pay for a wireless camera generally directly relates to the performance of the camera.  I suggest looking for a 600 line or greater camera to provide decent picture quality.  There are now full 1080P HD cameras that will give you a perfect image, but you will pay for that great picture.

In general wireless security cameras are beneficial to the DIY home surveillance installer.  These cameras provide simple installation with little hassle.

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